Event Recap

As a way to delve deeper into The North Face sponsored events and partnerships, I directed interviews with attendees at HeyFlashFoxy Women’s Climbing Festival, Global Climbing Day, and Color the Crag. The result is an unexpected focus on what makes each event special: the people and community. This event recap style will be used for future TNF events across digital platforms.

Social Lead: Audrey Sherman
Social Manager: Kiyome Okikawa
Photographers: Eliza Earle, Julie Ellison, Sam Elias, Audrey Sherman

Faith, Women’s Climbing Fest Attendee | “I’m a runner, an artist, and a documentary film producer passionate about representation. I'm interested in whose stories are being told, how and why? And I want to help us all share our stories better, empower us to share our own stories and mainly I want to help people feel seen.

I actually started climbing at summer camp when I was probably about nine, but I got freaked out on a high zip line and stopped until last year. I had an injury and I couldn't run so I tagged along with my friend Sara to the gym and I was pretty immediately hooked. It's very different from running. It's still freaking hard but I don't get to zone out, I like the calculative aspect of it. I like trying out to problems and I like that I have so much to learn.
I must have just started climbing when I saw Shelma in the video about @heyflashfoxy. I sent it to my friend back in NYC and we made a pact to start climbing at least once a week. It was so cool to see a diverse community of women supporting each other. It's incredible to be able to surround yourself by women exploring their limits, pushing them and willing to get bloody fingers and dust filled hair for those sweaty smiles at the top. It's inspiring to be around people who want to see what they are capable of.

I can't describe the energy during WCF. I couldn't stop smiling from the minute we drove in Paiute Territory and I'm so grateful that we worked with the Payahuunadu Alliance to learn how best to respect the land and the people who are the protectors of the land we're recreating in. The blessings we received to be here made the experience so much more special.” Words by @FaithEveBee and photos by @Eliza_Earle #shemovesmountains

Lori, 57, Global Climbing Day Attendee | “I think once people get past the, ‘Oh it’s so inspiring that people with disabilities are out there climbing,’ and it just becomes climber to climber, that’s when the camaraderie is there. That’s when the barriers that ability vs. inability can create are lessened. The playing field is level; everybody is exerting an amount of energy to get up the wall, or overcome the overhang or whatever the obstacle is. The climbing community is receptive and we feel like we’re a part of it. Our Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program @borp_org hasn’t done an outdoor climb yet, but that’s coming! People shouldn’t let perceived limitations stop them. No is just what somebody says until they get around to saying yes.” #climbwalls

Photos by @joolyhart