Antarctica Summit Series

For Fall ‘18 Summit Series social campaign, I led the creative concept, strategy and reporting for paid and organic social on The North Face platforms. I blended imagery from the Antarctica trip of camaraderie juxtaposed with product imagery to invite followers to join the Antarctica experience with limited edition Summit Series product on the webpage - check out the experience here.

Social Lead: Audrey Sherman
Social Manager: Kiyome Okikawa
Brand: Thea Stutsman, Stephen Youngblade, Justus Zimmerly
Tactical Support: Nicole Schmiedl Art Director: Caleb Brown Photography: Savannah Cummins, Pablo Durana, Jimmy Chin, Hybrid Design


The Antarctica Expedition team successfully climbed 15 peaks in the Wolf’s Jaw massif where the granite spires are guarded by unimaginable cold in one of the world’s most remote places. This limited-edition collection pays homage to this celebrated expedition and the incredible athletes who made it happen.

Photo by @sav.cummins #tnfantarctica17 #neverstopexploring

“By the time we reached the peak, I was so hot you could see the sweat stains. But then I started to get cold... “Why am I here?” I just tried to stay focused on what was right in front of me. And I kept thinking that there is an end—I will get down, get home safe and talk with my friends and family again. But I think it’s in those times that we grow the most—putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations and coming out on the other side. It gave me a new perspective on my life and climbing. And even though I was miserable in the moment, it was the most memorable experience that I will tell forever.”

Words by @sav.cummins and photos by @pablo_durana @jimmy_chin #TNFAntarctica17 #neverstopexploring